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‘Rabbit Hole' a book by James Edson, made up of images that have been taken over a quarter of a century. Edson, a member of the London skateboard gang PWBC and founder of The Wayward Gallery has been travelling and documenting his fellow skaters for this whole period on various analogue cameras. The photos presented in 'Rabbit Hole; are mainly portraits of Edson's loved ones presented in black and white. The photos have been arranged across double-page spreads that rotate by 45 degrees each time the page is turned, so when properly viewed, the book will have it's reader slowly revolving the object, giving the sensation of going down the 'Rabbit Hole'. The book evokes many of Edson's nostalgic memories travel, friends, and street life; these are the things that we see down the 'Rabbit Hole'.
16cm x 24cm
144 pages
Black and white risograph
Section sewn with dust jacket
First edition of 100
Photography by James Edson 
Published by MPK Studio