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Set in Stone

“From 2019 to 2022 I walked the streets of Melbourne in search of love. These walks resulted in the reoccurring discovery of heart felt dedications that were carved into stone. The act (or more so instinct) to profess your love in this unique way has been passed down from generation to generation for years. After I found one, another would appear a few streets away and then another.

Each walk now brought my eyes to the ground, I became fixated on trying my luck with finding another dedication. The more I took notice and focused on this idea, the more these acts of love appeared before me. Not one of them the same in style, only in thought. There is something so appealing to a gesture that is done with only one person in mind. What a joy it is to be able to give back to someone you truly care for. How nice it is to be thought of. I did this for you.

Over this 3 year period, I travelled from the East to the North, West and South of Melbourne, stumbling upon 100+ different dedications that had set in the stone of the footpath beneath my feet. This zine is a physical collection of these acts of love in a Risograph form.

To love, is to fully let go of oneself, to be left bare and without fear. When you are presented with love, accept it, whether or not you feel you truly deserve it, welcome it. You can convince yourself over and over that you don’t, but you do.”

- Wilhelm Philipp

Edition of 60
Risograph print
72 pages
A5 100gsm Envirocare
Saddle Stitched

Photographed by Wilhelm Philipp
Front Cover/Title Page design by Michael James Kennedy
Printed by Glom Press
Published by MPK Studio

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